About US

Established since 1980, Mehran Hair Brush Mfg. Has been a manufacturer of fine quality professional styling hair brushes. Keeping in view different haristyles and consumers affection for color and design, the company has developed a wide range of over 40 designs of hair brushes.

To accomplish its motive, the compnay has devoted itself to present new fashionable hairbrushes of exclusive quality frequently. Mahran Hair Brush Mfg. Comparises of such departments as production, engineering, tooling, printing, assembling, packaging, warehouse and QC (Quality Check) inspection team, Besides final inspeciton by QC inspection team, products are checked at each and every stage of production to ensure quality assurance.


The right Quality at the right price and give the customer the values for its money


Hair brush industry has been given a growing factory attracting a number of people towards it with it charm, bur with the passage of time, this industry has been so saturated that it’s really hard to survive with out technical & functional innovation. people aren’t much aware about factors that affect the quality of products, but at the same time it makes it hard for quality procedures to face them.


Hair Brushes ,  Mirror , Comb  , Cloth Brush , Broom Brush , Toilet Brush, Ceiling Brush,  Hanger , Feeding Cups

Mehran Hair Brush

we are feeling very proud to tell you that yes these all products which you saw on our web-site www.mehranhairbrush.com are made in Pakistan at our factory. Situated at Karachi Pakistan. We are in this field of Manufacturing Hair Brushes since from 1976.

Our Hair brush products are classified into these three brands as prescribed below.

  • Cute Hair Brush
  • Helen Christry Wire Brush
  • Fair Lady Wooden Hair Brush
  • Mikki Quick Safe Feeding (4 in 1 Feeding Set)
  • Mikki-2 Feeding Cup
  • Baby Ship Feeding Cups